So well and eloquently said. The concept that was pushed as a mentor, Father, Grandfather, Manager, Trainer,....... was that you can expect to find yourself as "not so special" when we leave our safe spaces. You instantaneously become one of millions to strangers.

Make yourself special to them by a smile, a kind gesture, being polite..... that is how it starts and ripples from there. Perhaps in that moment of selflessness you make someone else's day better.

Repeat this every day and you can change the world. JMHO

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Nov 8, 2022Liked by David Gosselin

This essay was beautiful. As you know, I’ve been struggling with the idea of myths, perhaps good ones are fables, and bad ones are fantasies, but your idea of enchantment, dis-enchantment and re-enchantment is so much better, in our attempts to rediscover our 'innocence of immortality'. Keep up the good work in your Herculean task – I say that because it was Hercules who freed Prometheus.

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Nov 7, 2022Liked by David Gosselin

It is heartening to know that poetry has this power.

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