Thank you for writing and posting this. Bringing this all to modern times we see Antifa and BLM along with other bored, stupid, and hate filled youth destroying art, culture, history, civility, the family, religion, and all of the good parts of Western culture. They should be going after the ruling class, the statists, the corrupt, censorship, but they do not understand who their masters are so they do not go after them. I always appreciate your work.

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Nov 27, 2022Liked by David Gosselin

As someone who has gone hunting with real guns, and someone who was in the military and fired

almost every weapon they had at the time, I can honestly say that there is a 95% chance that JFK

was shot from the front and not the back, but that’s just the way I see it.

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I grew up in Montreal and JFK was an ICON figure when we were called into the school auditorium. We were not Americans, we didn't duck and cover, we didn't know what bombs shelters were.

JFK was who we could become if we behaved as he behaved not knowing he was his Father's son.

Sixty years and history is all changed but 3000 years and literature still speaks truth to our madness.

Maybe we are flying too close to the sun.

I know what I suspect but I also suspect it really doesn't matter unless we can change the present.

Does it really matter if Socrates was merely a fiction?

Ozymandias Shelley; Frankenstein Shelly's wife

I was fifteen. I don't remember how I felt about JFK all I remember is that everybody was hurting and that is what really mattered.

Camelot was a Broadway play and I was very very alone.

I lived in my own little world.

Nobody including myself knew who I was but JFK was a complete fiction.

In 1960 I was watching Irving Layton calling for an end to the Cold War.

I didn't know it was all theatre.

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Nov 22, 2022·edited Nov 22, 2022

Put not your faith in princes, someone once said. And our modern princes are our politicians. JFK never meant much to me. He seemed too much of a playboy. Oh he made all the right noises. But that's easy. Poets do more than that. And I prefer to put my faith in poets. As I prefer to talk of 'the powers that be' rather than 'oligarchs'. Affecting the Bible slightly more than the Greeks. And I am a wary of conspiracy theories. Nor do I think the Erinnyes have been totally banished from our modern world. And the more delayed karma is the more painful it is. The thing that concerns me is the woeful state of poetry. And the way that a constant smorgasbord of prizes and competitions and other blandishments seek to corrupt poetry and put it in the service of the competitive self-glorifying ego rather than the collaborating and essentially self-effacing muse. Prophets and not profits are what I believe in. How much we need the former. How much I deprecate the latter.

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The NWO has been controlling the US government in many ways since WW2.

Since the CIA was created they were infiltrated by the KGB. At the time of JFK's murder their chief was KGB and organized several of his comrades to organize the murder. Of course they used a patsy to take the blame.

Later they tried to do the same to LBJ, but their MK ULTRA man was arrested by a police officer who was checking the route for LBJ and found his parked car with a loaded gun on the back seat.

All the cover up and schemes are exposed in "Destroying America the CIA's quest to control the government" by Anthony R. Frank (former secret service officer who uncovered the KGB infiltration by 75 of their agents).

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