Aug 25, 2022 • 1HR 52M

Exiting the Cave: Timocrats, Democrats, Oligarchs and Tyranny

Escaping the Brave New World Episode 10

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David Gosselin
The world is in need of a ​Renaissance, not a Reset. We're committed to offering the kind of content that breathes life into these efforts across the Western (and beyond). Art and culture have and always will be the fount for new ideas. Contrary to the cynical Huxlian Brave New World outlook, which imagines a world where people have become so hyper-sensualized that they no longer care about the sacred and deep things that characterize truly creative civilizations, we know this view to be axiomatically flawed. For, as Western civilization has witnessed an increasingly decadent, decaying, and hyper-sensualized society unravel before its eyes, we can observe that the desire for Beauty, Truth, and Goodness has only grown. With our many productions, including our literary and cultural outlets dedicated which serve as a sanctum for new and bold works of creative genius, classical beauty, and timelessness in all its myriad forms, we exist for the purpose of feeding precisely that innate human desire for Beauty, Truth, and Goodness which the architects of a Brave New World categorically deny. Because the architects of today's new Tower of Babel are themselves blind to these realities, having failed to properly foster and develop the loving creative spark within themselves, they are ultimately incapable of seeing it in others. For this reason, we know that we can win.
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Psychiatrist and Confucian scholar Dr. Quan Lu joins Escaping the Brave New World to discuss the transcendental leap and epistemological challenge faced by civilization at this critical juncture in human history. Beyond mere politics and rhetoric, whether expressed in their ancient forms or embodied in the latest social engineering, Dr. Lu outlines the nature of humanity's ascent from the animal kingdom of vitality, intellect, and psyche into the timeless realm of Beauty, Truth, and Goodness.

After an initial discussion of the various categories and cast of characters encountered within the lower realm of politics—the Democratic, Tyrannical, Oligarchical and fake Timocratic souls—we venture into the realm of the true Timocratic, Aristocratic and Philosophical souls. These reflections lead into a playful exploration concerning the nature of great art, culture, and civilization, with special attention paid to the many subversive “imitations” and perversions of “the real thing.”

Disabused from the imitations found in both the ancient and modern world of political psy-ops and epistemological warfare, the dialogue culminates with an exploration of the many possibilities that arise as a civilization begins “exiting the cave.”

Video of this discussion available here.