Apr 26 • 1HR 30M

Escaping the Brave New World

Creativity, Brainwashing, and Ideological Subversion

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The world is in need of a ​Renaissance, not a Reset. We're committed to offering the kind of content that breathes life into these efforts across the Western (and beyond). Art and culture have and always will be the fount for new ideas. Contrary to the cynical Huxlian Brave New World outlook, which imagines a world where people have become so hyper-sensualized that they no longer care about the sacred and deep things that characterize truly creative civilizations, we know this view to be axiomatically flawed. For, as Western civilization has witnessed an increasingly decadent, decaying, and hyper-sensualized society unravel before its eyes, we can observe that the desire for Beauty, Truth, and Goodness has only grown. With our many productions, including our literary and cultural outlets dedicated which serve as a sanctum for new and bold works of creative genius, classical beauty, and timelessness in all its myriad forms, we exist for the purpose of feeding precisely that innate human desire for Beauty, Truth, and Goodness which the architects of a Brave New World categorically deny. Because the architects of today's new Tower of Babel are themselves blind to these realities, having failed to properly foster and develop the loving creative spark within themselves, they are ultimately incapable of seeing it in others. For this reason, we know that we can win.
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How did western civilization lose its connections to the historic moral and philosophical traditions that imbued it with a love of progress, respect for the past, and sacrifice for the future for centuries?

In this discussion between poet and host of Escaping the Brave New World, David Gosselin, and RTF director, Matthew Ehret, this question is unpacked from a variety of angles.

This episode deals with the rise of social engineering during the 20th century with a focus on London’s Tavistock Clinic, MK Ultra, CIA cultural warfare in the post-war age under the Congress for Cultural Freedom and much more. We explore the roots of epistemological warfare stretching back to the days of ancient Athens to our present age, and the post-WWII techniques deployed in the form of the Frankfurt School, political correctness, and the “authoritarian personality project” which aimed to proclaim that individual genius, moral leadership or love of truth were merely forms of fascism that must be destroyed by new forms of “group think” and “popular opinion” in order for free capitalist democracy to win the Cold War.