Short version:

David B. Gosselin is a writer, researcher, and poet based in Montreal. He is the founding editor of The Chained Muse and New Lyre, which were inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s unfinished efforts to establish a one of a kind journal of classical art and literature in America—The Stylus.

Long version:

Convinced that the world needs a ​Renaissance, not a Reset, we produce content animated by an impish and living Renaissance Humanism. Art and culture have and always will be the fount for new ideas. Thus, The Chained Muse serves as a sanctum for new and bold works creative genius, classical beauty, and a platform for the kind of intellectual bite which too many of our well-meaning brothers and sisters seem to lack.

Contrary to the cynical Huxlian Brave New World outlook which imagines a world where people have become so hyper-sensualized that they no longer care about the sacred and deep things that characterize truly creative civilizations, we know this view is grounded in an axiomatically false conception of humankind. For, as Western civilization has witnessed an increasingly decadent, decaying, and hyper-sensualized society unravel before its eyes, we can observe that the desire for Beauty, Truth, and Goodness has grown.

We exist to feed that innate desire.

Copies of our print journal can be obtained here.