Age of Muses is my personal Substack page where you can find my articles, reviews, original poetry, and translations. I am the founder/editor of The Chained Muse and New Lyre Magazine. Both are dedicated to publishing and promoting 21st century timeless poetry.

In my articles and podcasts I talk a lot about the culture wars, especially regarding the problems of Modernism and its offshoots. I believe that ultimately the only way to defeat ugly ideas is with beautiful ideas; the only way to defeat bad ideas is with good ideas. I believe that the creation of new beautiful works of art and literature represents one of the most powerful means of overcoming the ugliness and ideological subversion saturating our culture, entertainment, and world at large.

I started the Escaping the Brave New World Podcast as a new kind of show. We take a nuanced approach to historical, political, and cultural matters with an emphasis on the role of art and the creative process.

My book of poems is entitled Modern Dreams.